Saturday, January 17, 2009

Antique Show - Tote Supply Hunting

Today I attended a local Antique and Vintage Show to find some dog-themed items I could use for the new totes I'll be making for spring and summer. I think I struck a vintage dog bonanza. I found some vintage buttons, buckles, pins, dog themed postcards and a fantastic dog hankie. I was really happy to find lots of the little plastic dog charms that, I believe, used to come as Cracker Jack prizes. All in all, I found some usual items, some pretty good prices and can't wait to get started to work coming up with designs to use my new items.


purplestevie said...


Just to let you know i have a set of 4 white glass buttons featuring 2 puppies in a basket on

Best wishes

Dana Neal said...

Hey, cool stuff you got at the show! I am impressed and can't wait to see them on some bags!


Annie said...

Hey, Love your bags.
I make purses out of placemats! Never found a dog one, but I have one that I made with dog buttons!
I love that you are using this to bring attention and educate the world about lethal whites. I love your Annie (I am a little bias to the name) I have a Aussie Mix who is deaf. I am also going to get working on my doggy bandanas and use them to educate people too!!!
Drop me an email, I would like to "talk" with you about something else.
Annie, MacKenzie and Mikka too

white dog creations said...

Annie: How can I email you? When I click on your name, I don't get an email link.

Selloholicmom said...

I just stumbled upon your site. I too own 2 lethal whites, and I read the amazing aussie site all the time. And I adore vintage and re-sale/collect too. So awesome to find someone with great similarities!!!