Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Dog Museum

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to Texas and Oklahoma, my home states, to visit relatives and do a little fabric and antique shopping. Driving down I-35 to Austin, I found, quite by accident, a most interesting place. Right off the highway a few miles north of Waco, Texas, was a large building advertising ‘Antique Mall and Dog Museum’.

Not willing to pass up an antique mall, much less a dog museum, I stopped and was very surprised at what I found – the world’s largest museum of dog collectibles – a fascinating collection of dog memorabilia and collectibles.

I must admit, I collect 1950’s spaghetti poodles. My collection, which fills a china cabinet, is a great source of jokes at my expense from my family and friends. But I can’t help it, I find the things fascinating. This museum had an entire wall full of poodle collectibles, more than I’ve ever seen. It made my collection look puny.

Plus, it has many more dog collectibles, from the 1700's up to the present. The proprietors and owners of this museum are Barbara and David Hays. You can read more about this museum on its website and view lots of photos of the collection.

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